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Wish you a rosy future (case work)

Release time:2017-02-13 09:39

New Year is coming along with the songs children sing. Outward team in our center ended their case work successfully on January 19, 2017. When chatting with children, one of them asked me:”Teacher, where does my future lie?” I told him:”it lies on your own hands. What you only have to do is to work hard to reach it.” Rural troubled children are mostly left behind, they have problems like grandparents’ custody, lacking of communication, missing of certain family structure, weak ability of self adjustment. All these troubles children both physical and mentally. We center are trying to help them get rid of dilemmas and grow up healthily by professional social work such as case and group work.

 “l love the song The Best Future, it has a fantasy lyric and I just hope I could live a life just like the song describes. I really thank you for giving me the feeling that I would somehow achieve it and giving me the power to move on.” Every dream deserves respect and every child worth love. They are the future of the whole society.

Though cannot gather with children in their own age as in group work, children still look forward 1v1 helping because they finally have the chance to tell their unsettled feeling and secrets to teachers. Their problems that could not reveal to anyone else but trouble them a lot now have an exit.  When it comes to difficulties in study, teachers from our center also give some accessible methods and skills to help them.

“Spring Festival” symbolizes happiness and new clothes for us, but for some kids that trapped in plight of own families it’s too far to reach a new nice suit all year long. Our coming brought more than new clothes or shoes, but also supply and encourage in spirit. This cold winter, some kids were still wearing canvas shoes we brought in summer and cotton coat last winter. What they wear really carried our memory deeply.

Every kid is like a seed that all born with huge power. It does no cost us too much to help them grow up than just giving necessary ‘nutrition’ at proper time. Just like a tree, if we irrigate it when it needs, it would naturally grow towards the direction where sun rises. Baoji Xinxing Aid would always positively make efforts to earn a better life of kids.

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