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Long trip with snow still on

Release time:2017-02-28 09:26

     It’s still early in the spring and snow back of the mountain had not melted. Staff of our outreach team came to Long County, Taibai and Feng County to carry out casework evaluations of 8 children in special needs. These 8 children came from different types of families, such as single-parent family, extreme-poor family or foster family.

Children draw their ideal life

Our staff were asking the basic information of those children in difficulty

3 children who lost their parents lived with their grandparents

Here are 2 special case in these 8 children.

The traffic made it inaccessible to get Xia’s home, so Xia’s mother walked miles of mountain roads with Xia to Jie’s home, who was another child we intended to interview. Xia was very nervous while talking with us. Her voice was low and she always looked down. In her mother’s talking, she cried over times, and we got to know Xia’s father died in a car accident last year, left 3 young children with her mother. Xia was 12 years old and turned to be the older sister and needed to attend 2 younger sisters who were 8 and 3. Father’s accident forced her mother to face the reality and take the responsible for the whole family. All those heavy burden made this 31 year-old women looks like 40, and that’s may be account for Xia’s politeness and sensibility.

Another girl, Yu and her family caught our attention in the interview. Yu’s foster parents used to give birth to 3 kids but all died for congenital heart disease. Yu was adopted by them when she was 6, and they were in their sixties. They were too old to maintain their labor and could only live on their subsistence allowance.

Yu was now on her first grade of primary school and got an excellent grade.

                                                                                       Yu’s interview

We would somehow reach the end of our long trip, and we would continuously bring life and study goods for them later. We would keep trying to connect resource, carry out group works in their school that intended to enhance their confidence, shape their good personality and teach communication skills. All happy families resemble one another, and each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. Though they were unfortunately to some extent and did not possess a family with complete structure. But with so much attention caring from kind-hearted people, we believe the coldest snow would finally melt and the most difficult dilemma would eventually disappear. We hope Xia and Yu could study with their dreams and live with their insistence. Whatever you insist, you would finally get what you want.

In the end, we really appreciate the support OTTO group and SE Consulting Ltd. gave to this interview. We hope our casework and group activities later could get your further attention

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