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Kind donation warms Xinxing

Release time:2017-02-28 09:39

I’m about to leave silently, just like I come quietly. This summer of 2016 has been so special because of the presence of many volunteers and interns. Luo, a high school student from Beijing continued to spread the kindness in Beijing after ended the volunteer work in Xinxing.

January 12, Luo with 2 other volunteers began donation in front of his parents’ company (Lati Co.Ltd) in form of selling books. In the meantime, some people just donated and took no books. We financed 37660 yuan in total this time.

Charity sales


Primary school, middle school students all participated in

Though they just spent one week as volunteer in Xinxing, but in their mind, these days were worthwhile to cherish, which symbolized youth and love. Therefore, they brought donation in this early spring 2017. In this special occasion, we thank for their kind efforts. An “ending” is never the end of charity. We have to hold our first spirit and make an old ending into a brand new beginning.

Picture above shows some of the donator list, and we would public the details of donation in our website: 

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