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In Lantern Festival

Release time:2017-02-28 09:54

Lantern Festival is one of Chinese tradition festival, which dates back to the Western Han Destiny 2000 years ago. Now people celebrate this day as the last day of New Year holiday, after which people go back to work while kids will prepare for new semester.

While Lantern Festival is around the corner, Baoji Xinxing has gathered kids who take here as their second home for certain reasons. Teachers would organize activities for kids to be involved in society and have new perspectives.

Teachers and volunteers took kids to visit Stone Drum Garden at the first day. Stone Drum Garden is built on the mountain, and it is easy for ordinary people to climb while it’s difficult for some kids like Lan in our center. Lan is a resident children in our center with severe rheumatoid and could not easily move without wheelchair. The long slope indicated that it’s impossible for her alone to climb the mountain.

Li is also one of resident children in center, and he help to push wheelchair for Lan every time we carry outdoor activity. He never calls for help or express his tiredness, but only laugh with sweat when arrive at the destination.

Early next morning, we took kids to north forest park. After 2 hours effort, we finally reach the peak of tableland. There was four-man car on the tableland, in which kids were all interested. Driving also served as the an opportunity to get familiar with some basic traffic signs and rules.

“Oh teacher, I would definitely drive true cars when I grow up! No, I would drive panzer, and even tank!” They shouted with confidence.

With the full moon hung in the sky, we a circle of person gathered and enjoyed hot-pot. Day was long and we sang and danced with great joy. We sincerely hoped our kids could make efforts in new semester and grow up healthily.

We wish you and your family a reunion on the coming Lantern Festival.

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