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When we met you, adolescence sexual education training

Release time:2017-02-28 14:53

  Do you remember the public project “keep children away from sexual assault” supported by Aiyou Fund? We still keep that in mind when the curriculum this year is beginning. The only difference between is that the benefit subject turns to be middle school students from primary school students. 

  February 21, teachers of Xinxing came to a boarding middle school in Qianyang County and began their questionnaire survey before the formal curriculum. First, we carried pre-test investigation to 113 girls of the first and second grade.By the means of interaction games, we came closer and children were actively participated in and started talking about their thirst for knowledge and confusion about adolescence.


  We are trying to unite other 4 partner institutions of Baoji Xinxing’s to make our sexual education training curriculum come to effect in more districts. What’s more, our model lessons is on its way and will start on February 24th, and we hope it could gain your further attention.

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