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A qualitative leap, Teasing out Standardization Service Flow of Troubled Children Workshop of Baoji Xinxing

Release time:2017-02-28 15:10

  February 24, Teasing out Standardization Service Flow of Troubled Children Workshop of Baoji Xinxing began here in Baoji and was sponsored and guided by a professional team of GDI. Principals and staff of other Xinxing branches all came by and meant to tease out and discuss the experience we accumulated in troubled children aid field for years and present service flow. We planed to form a standard service flow and conduct practically after 5 workshops in a year. And we would eventually come into a booklet which indicates to be the “secret book” of troubled children aid after several discussion and revise.

  During the training, members tarted from the frame of service flow and focused on every detail of the points under the teacher of GDI, Qiao Jia’s guidance, discuss about the service like a whole and the pieces that indicated that who would be responsible for which step and what kind of knowledge system and tools need to be used. Group members all poured out their confusion and ideas after brainstorms and shared their knowledge and practice skills. They integrated scattered and different kinds of service models into a standard flow and made it to be best used in working and children service.

  Workshop only took 2 days, but the short time did not equal to few gains. Every member laughed with confidence and was full of energy for work. We also appreciate the support of Geneva program and the guidance of GDI teachers. We hold the believe that standard service flow could help workers of children aid and duplicate “Baoji Model”, which benefits more troubled children and helps them get rid of their plight and catch the opportunities of brand new life.

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