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Kind Donation-Warm as spring wind

Release time:2020-03-02 13:30

Since the outbreak of the corona virus, Baoji Xinxing responded positively to the spirit of the higher level meeting, strictly implemented the prevention and control work, and made every effort to carry out various prevention and control measures to ensure the health and life safety of all the children and staff in the center. During the epidemic prevention period, the center’s protective equipment consumption is fast, and the protection materials are also in short supply. At the same time, the Centre has received loving donations from caring people and organizations from all over the world, which provides a strong material and spiritual support for Xinxing to combat the epidemic, and warms our hearts.

Public announcement of donations of epidemic prevention materials:

Feb.16th, 2020: Mr. Zhang Hui donated a bottle of 84 disinfectant.

Feb.25th, 2020: Baoji Welfare and Charity Federation donated 5 bottles of tetrachlorous acid , per bottle of 10l .

Feb.27th, 2020: Mrs.Julie chun of SEA(Shanghai Expatriate Association) and very kind hearted people Sarah Eckersley, Deb Macias, Theresa Fei (paid for the shipping) totally donated 103 masks.:12 of N95 new national standard activated carbon protective masks , 24 of kf94 mask, 20 of disposable masks, 8 of 3m8210cn masks, 3 of 3m9501v masks,one of medical surgical masks hat , 5 of pm2.5 particle protective masks, 30 of ce0194 masks and some toiletries.  

Feb.28th, 2020: The kind hearted people Mrs.Fu Yu donated 150 disposable medical masks.

Xinxing will use these materials for daily child protection and staff protection. We will do our best to ensure the health and safety of children.

Thank you for SEA , all kind people and the unknown kind people, thank you for your selfless dedication and strong support for Xinxing. We firmly believe that with the help of caring people from all walks of life, we will be able to get through the epidemic.

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