Baoji Xinxing Aid for Street Kids

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Our aim is to develop a psycho-social assistance program for “precarious” children both at the centre and home, enabling them to share their traumas, restore links with their families and restore their self-confidence and developing their social skills to prepare them for a successful rehabilitation to society. Xinxing Aid For Street Children is an organization that specialized in assisting street children. The staffs and volunteers must abide by the following rules: 

1. Firstly, Xinxing Aid always adheres to its philosophy - “All the work done is for the children’s health and their welfare, make sure they have the equal living right, developmental rights and educational rights, regardless of their nationality, religious belief, gender, family or social background. Xinxing Aid will provide the street children with immediate support and assistance to make it through natural and manmade disasters or family troubles. 

2. Secondly, Xinxing Aid should abide by the state regulations and laws, regard the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Minor as a guideline, stand firm for the publicity, transparency, fairness and justice of the whole assistance, and ensure that all the aid recipients are willing to accept our aid. 

3. Thirdly, the staff and volunteers at Xinxing Aid should follow their professional and moral regulations strictly and make certain the sincerity, honesty, and passion of their work. 

4. Fourthly, the staff and volunteers in Xinxing Aid should be aware of the voluntary and non-profit character of their work. They should not ask for more benefits for their family members and themselves than those Xinxing Aid can provide them with.

Our Belief: Today's chance created for children is tomorrow's happiness of the world.  

Our philosophy is to love and care for children in difficult circumstances enabling them to respect the value of life.

Our Vision: These children should have equal living rights, developmental rights and educational rights.

Our Mission: We provide immediate assistance,early stage intervention and supportive action to children in need in order to help them out of difficult circumstances, reintegrate them into families, communities and normal society,enabling them to be resilient for the future. 

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