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Baoji Xinxing Aid for Street Kids Visitor Guidelines

Baoji Xinxing Aid for Street Kids is the first Chinese NGO specializing in aid for street kids and is functioning as 24 hours open centre. Children are the focus of our work and their well-being is our primary concern. As cases about abuse of children in developing countries by a variety of perpetrators have been reported recently, the Centre would like to stipulate this Visitor Guidelines for visitors to pay attention to and observe. They are intended to safeguard the children in our service area from any form of abuse, neglect or harassment, and to protect our visitors from any false accusation of inappropriate behavior and or abuse. 

Child Protection Policy
1. Visitors should be first registered with the Centre Staff before they conduct any activities. 
2. Visitors should be accompanied by the Centre Staff when they conduct any kinds of activities with the children in our centre. 
3. Visitors should be cautious of their verbal and physical interaction with children. 
4. Visitors should avoid any deeds that are against the local culture or practices, such as kissing and hugging. To avoid any misunderstanding, please seek consent of the children and the Centre Staff before having physical contact with the children. 
5. Visitors can’t stay alone or overnight with the children to avoid any misunderstanding or false accusations. 
6. Visitors should not accept children’s improper requests such as money, gifts, visitor’s personal details (such as telephone number or email address, etc.) If visitors want to do these, permission should first be sought from the Centre Staff and records will be made. 
7. If the Centre receives complaints from the children regarding any inappropriate behavior of the visitors, including failure to observe the above guidelines or sexual abuse to the children, the Centre will investigate the case and reserve the right to report the case to the respective government department for legal action. 

Photo/Video Taking
With the aim of protecting children’s privacy and safety, photo or video taking is not allowed within our centre, as in demand, consent should be given by the Centre Staff and the people concerned. None of the material can be used in public (TV, exhibition, magazines, newspapers, Internet, etc.) If the photos, slides or videos taken in the Centre or during the activities held by the Centre are to be publicized, please consult the Centre Staff. Moreover, do justice to the picture. 

To protect the personal safety and privacy of the visitors and the children, visitors are advised not to leave their personal details (such as telephone number, email address or address) to the children, or ask for their personal details, to avoid any disturbance or problems in the future. 

Individual Belief 
Visitors should respect the children’s right of (non) religious beliefs, never treat differently or discriminate against any children with different faiths. It is prohibited to discuss matters relating to religion with children and visitors should not distribute any leaflets or materials on religion in the centre. If there is any violation, the centre will terminate the visit immediately.

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