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Baoji, in central China, is a major transit centre of 3.8 million people situated at the junction of Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia and Sichuan provinces. These provinces are among the poorest in China and consist largely of a poor rural population. Baoji is a central point in the China transport system and has the only railway link with the west thus is well located to assist children who find themselves on the streets. 

    Xinxing (New Star) is the first Chinese NGO specializing in aid for street kids and is functioning as a 24 hour open center. It was founded by a group of national staff previously employed by Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF)for Baoji Street Children’s program. MSF developed the Baoji Children’s Centre model over a period of five years. Since 2001 it has assisted in the rehabilitation and relocation of over 600 street children. The model has been recognized by the provincial government as a standout method to care for these children. Xinxing team has been well trained with rich experience to work with disadvantaged youth population and we provide immediate assistance, early stage intervention and supportive action to children in need in order to help them out of difficult circumstances, reintegrate them into families, communities and normal society, enabling them to be resilient for the future. 

    Since its creation in 2006 XinXing has helped just under 1000 children in difficult circumstances. We have assisted them to return home, access education, training and employment as well as providing medical and psychological assistance. 

The general objective of the program:

1. We provide immediate assistance and support action to children in need in order to help them out of difficult circumstances. 

2. Improve children’s mental health 

3. We provide the guardians of children about protection of children’s rights information and parenting skills training. 

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