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Accompanied by the Girl Scout, Xinxing children grow up happily

Release time:2017-03-11 18:09

Girl Scout is an international nonprofits in the world. Girl Scouting builds girls of courage,confidence, and character,who make the world a better place.June 2015, The Girl Scouts of Shanghai.Troop #5864 donated two boxes of stuff,including toothbrush,toothpaste,bandaids,notebooks,face cream for boys and girls ,soap,and 1400RMB for Baoji Xinxing children through their hard work. On behalf of all the Xinxing children and staff, we really appreciated the Troop #5864 girls's kindness,support and caring for the children in difficult circumstances.Many thanks to the girls of Troop #5864 and the female teachers! Cris,Mary,Sophia and many teachers who we do not know their names.

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