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An appointment with teaching demonstration classes of adolescent

Release time:2017-04-01 09:59

 Spring is the most energetic season in whole year, and its beauty and hopeful always inspire us to be creative. In this spring, the venture project of Aiyou Charity, teaching demonstration classes of adolescent sex education, is on its element.

  On February 24, 2017, teachers attending demonstration training classes about adolescent sex education from all Xinxing centers came together. Before the demonstration class began, teachers from each center gave a try in the first section of the curriculum “know your adolescence”. Teachers all provided with their excellent ideas and managed to polish the content to serve children, better. After the experimental teaching, teachers of Baoji Xinxing Aid offered advice in response to former performance of the teachers from other centers.

In demonstration classes, children divided in groups discussed and came to know physical and mental changes that occurring among adolescent boys and girls. Being leading by teachers, children developed scientific ways and enthusiasm to learn more knowledge about adolescence in games.

 After classes ended, teachers group summarized and reflected the main ideas coming up today, and put forward the framework and the teaching skills of the following two sections of the curriculum, “Relationships in adolescence” and “How to prevent sexual assault”.

Adolescence is a critical phrase when children transform into adults, and also a vital period for them to be educated the knowledge about sex. They are the flowers in the garden, and gardeners who care for and support them in patience and love are also significant. Teaching demonstration classes benefited every teacher that attended today a lot. The teachers group of Xinxing Aid with enthusiasm will continue to take efforts to serve children better in quality and quantity.

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