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Baoji Xinxing Aid’s World Social Work Day Focus

Release time:2017-04-01 10:13

     While spring is around the corner, April 21st, the 11th World Social Work Day 2017(WSWD) has arrived. It’s a significant day for social workers and let’s witness how the special day goes in Xinxing Aid.

Interactions in class

       Recent years, the increasing number of school violence has threaten people a lot. The cruelty of the measures and the severity of the consequences are getting people angry and worried about the serious situation we are encountering with. And on top of it all, we have to come up with methods that could cope with school violence. Thus to keep the physical and mental health of our children, and create comfortable and safe campus atmosphere, we Xinxing Aid with the support of Ai You Future Foundation raised about ¥16,050, the project funding, in Tencent Charity Fund in September 2016.

      The project was divided into 3 phases, pee-needs assessment, interactive training curriculums and post-assessment and tracking. The interaction in courses was thought-provoking, which led adolescents to consider about the consequences of school violence. On the other hand, we hope our children could raise the

      conscious of self-protect and develop better methods when facing with school bullying after taking our courses. The goal of our project is to take precautions and stop children’s being hurt from occurring. The implementation of the curriculums could be beneficial to their physical and mentally health, and build their respect and LOVE for lives.

Social Worker as a teacher

Brainstorming output of children on the black-board

      After lunch, the teaching group of Xinxing Aid drove to a middle school in Qian Yang, where our project implemented at. From the definition to the classifications and the hazard of school violence, we encourage children to discuss in groups and find ideas about from reality incidents. While children were holding the initiative of the class, they tend to perform better in teamwork or dealing with various ideas. All the typical cases were exactly proper opportunities to develop ideology and value educations. Through our courses, we do hope adolescents could manage their emotions, show more genuineness and less cold-blooded and behave more rational in facing with troubles.

Group discussion

Children sharing ideas

       We appreciate the support that AI YOU FOUNDATION does to our project “prevention and safety education of school violence in Baoji rural area”, and every enthusiast stranger who donates money and love. Please keep focus on us to get follow-up curriculum.

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