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Baoji Xinxing Aid, a 5A social organization

Release time:2017-04-27 16:03

    December 27, all kinds of social organizations gathered in broadcasting mansion of Baoji and gave excellent performance which indicated the practical, healthy and harmonic atmosphere among social organizations. And we Baoji Xinxing Aid was honored to be invited to this event.

    Rank of social organization refers to an objective and full-scale assessment given by civil affair departments to social groups, foundations or civil non-enterprise units which register in all levels of civil affair authorities. The result of the assessment ranges from 5A to 1A by descending order. This measure is of great significance in strengthening the standardized management of social organizations and also encourages institutional construction greatly, which performed strong level of authority and instruction. It gives priority to social organizations who ranked 3A or higher to take functions government transforms and get purchases of services or rewards. And the annual checkups of those social organizations that ranked 4A or higher could be simplified.

    Recent years, social organizations has sprung up in Baoji and become more and more important in social development. Up to now, there have been a total of 2300 social organizations in Baoji, which play positive roles in meeting the needs of the public, government management assistance, social mobilization and promoting harmony. We Baoji Xinxing Aid for Street Kids was assessed by Baoji Social Organization Promotion Association in 2015 and was finally being ranked as 5A and awarded medal and Certificate of Honor.

    Being ranked as 5A is both a recognition of our achievements and a sound foothold on which we will climb to new heights in landscaping. We Baoji Xinxing Aid would cherish the honor and continue to build ourselves to make progress in providing more professional services for troubled kids and participating in social organizations further development. It’s our fate to contribute whatever we can to the commonweal affairs.

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