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Hello, 2017

Release time:2017-05-02 10:30

    Time flies. 2017 has unwittingly come. New year’s day is the very beginning of a year, and also symbolizes a new possibility of life. Here let’s see how the kids in Xinxing Aid experienced the special day.

     Kids in our institution accompanied with the teachers went to People’s Park together at New Year’s day. Children were all in a good mood and they kept chatting all the way there. In the park, they participated in the games they fancied and gained presents in reward. Look! Joy is so easy to reach as long as we stay with each other. We truly hope our kids could grow up happily and healthy in the coming year.

    The day there also came our first volunteer in 2017, Mr. Wang. He not only taught skills about playing chess, but also some truth about life. “Playing the game of Go is as sophisticated as experiencing the life. You know nothing at the very beginning, then you will meet with failure and upset, but gradually you know how to win. It’s exactly what happened in your life. You have to cope with frustrations before you finally grow up and become stronger.” Mr. Wang said. Children were listening with relish. He also introduced a new exercise called “plank” to kids. They experienced for themselves and even had an amusing competition for that.

     Not only brought abundant classes, Mr. Wang also donated ¥400 and 9 packages of rice for kids.

    “life is just like a stream of spring, which is soft but never weak, flexible but never cowardly.” Our kids are strong, hardworking and positive. They are the best explanations of this quote and we definitely believe that they would battle with the winds and waves and move forward.

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