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Express what I need, the essence of the group work

Release time:2017-05-02 10:32

    “I need books the most, because my grades of Chinese keep a level of very low. My grades would promote if I have reference books things shall be different. But my family do not have extra fee for my books…” From accepting passively to expressing demands actively, it is the real condition happened on our client in group work interview. Xinxing Aid carried out the activity named “support and growth group of troubled children social work in rural area”, which focused on the interim needs assessment in the winter before the Spring Festival.

    We Xinxing Aid always focused on professional and scientific technique and accompany clients’ growth. Up to now, support and growth group has reached a middle stage and according to the children clients’ personal growth demands and changes of family environment, we set this the specific interim-needs-assessment-themed group work. Needs assessment has the meaning of understanding, evaluation and individualization. Under the guidance of social workers, group members learn to consider and express their basic life demand of materials or mental. It’s the basis of our following work to connect resources with children clients according to their needs. It’s essential to keep our services synchronize with needs.

    Games account for a significance part of children growth. Baoji Xinxing Aid provided group members with variety of games to let them comprehend the strength of coordination and teamwork. Group members learned to cope with tasks in helping each other from games “stand still” and “energy transport” and so on. Not only did they taste the happiness, but most importantly, also gained something in a lighted atmosphere. “I like games teachers took, which I could learn a lot happily.” One of them said.

    At the last of the group work we offered clients abundant supplies in winter, which consist of the foundation of the group. These goods included warm clothing and insulation cups provided by “Geneva Global” project, and scarfs and stationery donated by “Hermes Otto International” company of HK and “APM” Charity of SH. Our children are still warm in this winter.

    Needs assessment is more like an activity that linked to each other than a process. Every step in the connection needs information from group members to form a successive process and develop a deepen sentiment about every new objects. Here, we Baoji Xinxing Aid stand firmly with clients, and guided by a specific navigation we embrace the next harbor of our life together.

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