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Pay our New Year Calls to you!

Release time:2017-02-13 09:14

At the first of all, I want to say Happy Spring Festival to you on behalf of all staff in our Baoji Xinxing Aid!

Chinese always like a brisk or booming way to celebrate New Year. Here, kids were creating handmade craft with their nimble fingers to express their unique happiness in New Year.

At the New Year’s Eve, volunteers squeezed time to visit kids regardless of the cold weather and stuck cut-out flowers and couplets, and hang lamps with kids. Though it was cold outside, kids felt warm inside their heart because they can see how people from all aspects of the society were caring about them. “Happy Spring Festival” was kept in their mouth all day long.

New Year ‘s Eve was supposed to be a day that could say bye to the pass and embrace a new beginning, some kids who have already went back to their own home and social life still kept their heart closely with Xinxing Aid and they came to celebrate New Year with those kids who cannot go back to home. Teacher Du specially came to spend his New Year with kids too. Kids in our center were just like his own kids. He prepared red pocket for kids, which contained his wishes of a happy and hardworking year.

Look back to 2016, Baoji Xinxing Aid has gone through 10 years. Though the 10-year-struggle was full of ups and down, we held the same faith and stand still. One year was short, but the days and memories that we cherished would last long.

Look forward to 2017, we hope we could always stay on the course of cooperation and sail through the storms toward a brighter future!

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