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Be graceful and move on together (Summary and awarding meeting for volunteers in 2016)

Release time:2017-02-13 09:23

Common people from all walks of life may have undistinguished looks outside, but as volunteers they are all pure angels with most beautiful hearts that burning with love.

Over all these years, the team of volunteers in Baoji Xinxing Aid has been growing larger. These fallen angels are taking the responsibility of spreading happiness, love and faith, and showing selfless dedication to their untitled “duty”. They are truly people that worth respect and love.

The growth of Baoji Xinxing Aid is closely connected with the efforts made by all volunteers. Baoji Xinxing Aid was having a summary meeting about volunteers in January 14, 2017, which stated by staff about works we did last year to make people have a deeper understanding about Baoji Xinxing Aid and participate in volunteer team. This meeting also awarded volunteer service in 2016.

It totals 92 times visits of volunteers from all circles of the society in 2016. It includes individual and individual groups visits 32 times, business groups 60 times. Volunteers are mainly from universities and colleges, or enterprises and other NPO in Baoji, and they have attended volunteer works add up to 500 person-times. The service they  includes donating supplies to our children, doing the cleaning, giving performances or classes, tidying house, and even hair cutting or whatever they can.

In the end, kids in our centre sent their handmade New Year cards to every volunteer in presence. Some presents are never too small, it’s the thought from kids that counts.

Best volunteer individuals:

Meng Wenhua, Liu Weiquan, Hou Long, Wang Hailong, Zhang Hao

Best volunteer groups:

Shaanxi Century Longtai Co, Ltd

Tong Gang Teenager Care Center

917 NPO

Mi Shang Haircutting

Shaanxi Zhong Fuxin Accounting Firm

Baoji Vocational and Technical College DIY Club

Present rose to others with remaining fragrance at hand. Baoji Xinxing Aid is always open for people like you and me with enthusiasm of volunteering and talents. We believe our strength would converge into a warm stream to comfort every kid.

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