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Running 2017- Children’s final summary meeting

Release time:2017-02-28 09:51

If you open the calendar, it’s easy to find that the Spring Festival is coming. It’s a traditional festival of Chinese and also a special day that children are looking forward to. In the very beginning of the winter holiday, teachers in center held a summary meeting of 2016 semester and they also invited some parents that partly transferred their custody to the center to join this meeting. Look back to the past, the road we walked along were full of deep footprints of teachers and kids. “Every movement cannot be made without attendance and company of teachers.” Kids said.

“We are definitely going to study and play delightedly in this wonderful winter vacation!” Children’s words slipped their wishes to the coming year. Vice-master Yang of the Aid Station and teachers of our center praised children’s progress and honored them with awards.

“I hope they can sustain their momentum, read more books, read good books and become a better in the next year!” Yang sent her sincere expectations to children.

Let’s say bye to wonderful 2016 and embrace hopeful 2017 together! We Baoji Xinxing would always stay around our kids.

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