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The Date come as expected - the demonstration class training for adolescent sexual health

Release time:2017-03-01 17:48

       Spring is a time of vitality and a season of beauty, magic and hope. Public Welfare Venture Capital Project-Ai You Foundation: the demonstration class training for adolescent sexual health is "a fresh green" in this fragrant season.


      On February 24th, 2017, the lecturers of the adolescent sexual health from all Xinxing assistance centers of Shaanxi province gathered. Before the start of the demonstration class training, lecturers had trial lectures and in-depth discussions on the content of the first quarter of the course, Understanding Adolescence. The lecturers’ brainstorming and strives for perfection aim to better serve the beneficiaries. After the rehearsal, Baoji Xinxing demonstration class instructors gave the feedback and suggestions to the demonstration lectures.


      During the demonstration course, children learnt the knowledge in the game under the lead of the instructors and understand the physical and psychological changes of adolescent boys and girls through group discussions which make beneficiaries be able to master the adolescent knowledge in a scientific and curious manner.

     After the demonstration course, lecturer team has carried on the summary and reflection, and carded the framework and showed the lecturing skills concerning two following courses "adolescent interpersonal relationship" and "prevent sexual assault".

        Adolescence is the critical period for to make adults transit to children, it’s also a crucial period of adolescent sex education. Youth are like the flowers in the garden, watering gardeners who watering are more important. In the demonstration course, Xinxing instructors will serve the children better and benefit more children through the training to the lecturers with a conscientious teaching spirit.

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